About Steve

I was born in York, but then moved to Edinburgh, Scotland. After living for most of my life in Scotland I then moved again, this time with my wife, to Finland in 2015.

My interests are varied but include:

I've worked as a programmer, body piercer, a Goth/Metal DJ, and nowadays I'm a system-administrator for a hosting company based in the UK.

About This Site

This site is built from a series of input files, and a global layout-template, using the templer static-site-generator.

The site itself is hosted upon a dedicated KVM-based virtual machine located at Bytemark.

The machine runs several webservers, each listening upon the localhost, on a high port, allowing different webservers to run under different user-ids for security. To allow incoming access I use a simple node-reverse-proxy.

Online Resources

Projects I spent time on include:

My online contact-portal contains links to other sites I host, maintain, or use (such as facebook, linkedin, etc).