This is the personal homepage of Steve Kemp, in brief I'm a sysadmin located in Helsinki, Finland who is experienced in using and developing under GNU/Linux.

Some of the software I've developed is located upon this site, along with some of my hardware projects. Other projects I've been involved with are maintained upon their own sites.

You can read more about this site, and myself, in the about section, on my blog, or via my link-site.

Recent Updates

This is random assortment of items, or areas, of this site which have been updated recently:

January 2020

I published a simple tool to pull all your repository details from Github, self-hosted Github Enterprise installations, and other compatible systems. The export can be used by the myrepos tool to quickly and easily manage all your repositories at once.

December 2019

I rewrote the code which used to generate my blog in golang. The new project is significantly faster, and has feature-parity with the previous perl codebase.

September 2019

I published an evaluation-engine, which allows you to run user-scripts to filter Golang objects.

Rational described in this blog-post, and the code is available on github as evalfilter.

Updates are also available as a RSS feed.