This is the personal homepage of Steve Kemp, located in Helsinki, Finland.

In brief I'm a sysadmin located in Helsinki who is experienced in using and developing under GNU/Linux.

Some of the software I've developed is located on this site, although other projects are maintained upon their own sites.

You can read more about this site, and myself, in the about section, or on my blog.

Recent Updates

This is random assortment of items, or areas, of this site which have been updated recently:

February 2017

I've updated my notes on measuring humidity & temperature, and made a new release of the external comments for static-websites project, this now supports nested/threaded comments.

I've added a pair of complete hardware-projects, involving the ESP8266 / WeMos Mini D1; an NTP-configured clock, and a display showing local Helsinki tram departure-times.

January 2017

I've started to experiment with Arduino-based hardware, and have created a hardware section to document my experiments.

I've implemented a Perl wrapper which redirects Redis commands to an SQLite database: Redis::SQLite.

July 2016

I've released version 1.2 of templer, my static-site-generator to CPAN.

Updates are also available as a RSS feed.