About Steve

I was born in York to a Scottish father and an English mother, then moved myself to Edinburgh, Scotland when I was 18.

After living for most of my life in Scotland I then moved again, this time with my wife, to Finland in 2015.

My interests are varied but include:

I've worked as a programmer, body piercer, a Goth/Metal DJ, and nowadays I'm primarily a system-administrator.

About This Domain

I registered the domain-name steve.org.uk in April 1999, for a cost of approximately £79 per year.

As of 2015 I've relocated to Finland, and on a whim I looked up the domain steve.fi, only to discover that it was due to expire in a few months time. After patiently waiting I was lucky enough to register it as it became available.

Although many many things link to the org.uk domain the Finnish TLD is a little more memorable and will be the preferred domain going forward.

Just like the owners of steve.com, steve.net, & steve.org I've no interest in selling either of the names.

About This Site

This site is built from a series of input files, and a global layout-template, using the templer static-site-generator.

Online Resources

My online contact-portal contains links to other sites I host, maintain, or use (such as facebook, linkedin, etc).