Making your libraries available to Arduino IDE users

Most users prefer to install libraries, and associated examples, via the Arduino IDE, though the process of manually installing libraries is well-documented.

I didn't see any obvious documentation on how to make your libraries available to others though, hence this page.

Library List

The list of libraries which are available for installation from the IDE is automatically downloaded in the background from:

To make your library available to others you need to be included in that list. To do that file a bug on github against the arduno/Arduino project.

Here is one I made earlier:

There are sites out there that poll, parse, and present the list of libraries. For example:

Metadata & Updates

The description and details of your library will be taken from the property file within your library. This is discussed in the Writing a Library tutorial.

To make a new release of your library you need to do two things:

  • Update the version in your file.
  • Push a new tag to your repository.

Updates will then be shown to users, once you update your library it seems to take about 24 hours for it to become visible.