Command-Line OTA Uploader

Download the script and you can upload (compiled) code to your ESP8266 device, over the air, knowing only the IP address of your device.

For example I have a tram-display project, which is running in my flat at

If I want to upload a new revision I can use the Arduino studio menu-item, or I can upload via:

python -d  -i -f d1-helsinki-tram-times.ino.d1_mini.bin

Here d1-helsinki-tram-times.ino.d1_mini.bin is the name of the compiled hex-file.

There are other options you can play with, but providing you've not setup a password all you need are the two obvious arguments:

  • The IP to upload to.
  • The code to actually upload.


See also backing up and restoring content, when attached to your computer via USB-cable.