jQuery Hub

I've been using jquery on and off for a year or so now. Alone it is very impressive, but when coupled with the large number of available plugins it becomes even more useful.

Unfortunately over time some of the available plugins disappear and fall off the internet - so I've decided to collect and host the ones that I particularly enjoy using and the ones I've put together myself in a single location.


Plugins I Wrote
  • autoajax - Convert links to ajax requests.
  • btable - Simple bordered tables.
  • dltoggle - Toggle definition lists easily.
Plugins I use
  • confirm - Inline confirmation links.
  • messages - A funky "debug window".
  • stripy - Stripify tables.
  • textboxhints - Provide default text for form fields.
  • toggler - Toggle elements with simplicity.
  • github - A pair of github-related plugins.