Simple online bookmarks

If you use several different web-browsers, on several different hosts, as I do then you'll be fiamiliar with the problem of keeping bookmarks in sync.

There are solutions out there which typically fall into two categories:

  • Running a syncing plugin/extension to sync your bookmarks between compatible browsers.
  • Storing your bookmarks online, in the cloud.

While both of those solutiosn are potentially valid I found they didn't work for me - I don't want to trust my bookmarks to an external entity, as they might cease running (e.g. delicious).

Similarly syncing bookmarks might well work if you limit yourself to Firefox on multiple machines, but not cope if you also use chromium or epihphany.

On that basis I needed something different.

What this is

My solution involves keeping a single HTML-file under revision control, and storing all my bookmarks inside it. This file can be opened in a browser, and thanks to some included javascript, will allow you to search itself easily.

You can checkout the repository here:

Or try the demo here.

Using it

Because the script is a single file it is assumed you'll copy it, and update the bookmark list yourself.

If your bookmarks are purely public you may fork the repository and commit your changes to that. If not you'll probably want to store it under a private revision control tool yourself.