Command Line Clipboard Access

Clipboard allows you to interact with the clipboard from the command line. It is a simple enough idea but it can come in very handy to be able to see, and change the contents of the clipboard without having to load up a windows application - such as Notepad.

This program was inspired by a commercial program, which I thought was so trivial it was almost criminal to charge $25 dollars for. This program is hereby released under the GNU Public License - so we can ensure its continued freedom.

Using This Tool

There are several ways of using the program, simply type "clipboard --help" to get a summery.

The various options allow you to do things such print the contents of the clipboard to the console, clear the clipboard, copy the current working directory to the clipboard, or copy the contents of a file to the clipboard.


You may download clipboard from the following link - the archive contains both the source code and the binary.

Note: There is a small bug in the program, sometimes it will append garbage to the display. There is a patch here contributed by Chris Madsen which fixes the problem. Unfortunately I don't run windows any longer and so cannot update the binary with it.