GNU/Linux Software

Over the years I have written and released several pieces of software, most frequently for users of GNU/Linux. Here is a brief summary of the most popular, useful, and mature projects.


asql allows you to query logfiles, created by Apache/nginx, via SQL.


Chronicle is a static-blog generator, written in perl, used to build my blog, and supports commenting.

LUA code

This is probably a little obsolete, but I continue to enjoy the Lua language & ecosystem.


This is a flexible reverse-HTTP proxy, written in javascript to run under node.js - by visiting this site you're using it right now!


A replication-friendly filesystem, written using FUSE, which stores all files/directories in a redis store.


A golang file upload and hosting utility, perfect for sharing files with friends.


A static-site generator, which converts a series of files and directories into a HTML website. Templer is used to build this site, as well as many others I host.

Xen-Shell / Xen-Tools

I created these two related projects, but now they are now hosted elsewhere with new maintainers.

This site also contains several jquery plugins, and code specific to the qpsmtpd project.

Windows Software