There are two kinds of variables in a templer deployment:

Variables which are global.

These are defined in the configuration file templer.cfg at the top-level of the site.

Variables which are defined on a per-page basis

These variables are included in the header of the page, which is the part before the deliminator "----".

Variables are included by the standard HTML::Template construct:

<!-- tmpl_var name='name' -->

The input which generated this output page, which you can see at the foot of the page, defines the variable "my_name" and so we can output it via this:

<!-- tmpl_var name='my_name' -->

Here we see that:

My name is Steve Kemp

Types of variables

There are two types of variables permitted:

Simple Strings

These are defined literally as "key: value ..".

Special values

There are some special types of variable which are available:

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