This web-page is woefully out of date and left for historical interest only.

My Piercings

This section is basically a list of my piercings, and how I got them. I think it is fairly comprehensive..

The Navel Piercing

I got my navel pierced by a close friend who was a tattoo artist, and body piercer. After choosing whether to get the top or the bottom done I chose the jewelry; I could have had a bar, or a small ring. I decided to go for the ring, as that was what my friend had. I then had to lie back onto a low chair, (rather like a dentists chair), and raise my T-shirt. This is when I realised that I was going to be having a bit of metal stuck through my navel, and I suddenly became quite nervous, there was no need to be... The entire process was over in seconds, and I didn't feel a thing. I was told to relax, and when I was ready the guy put a small clamp onto my navel area, through which he would pierce, then there was a few moments of extreme coldness while he sprayed on the freezing stuff - (Some sort of Eythl Chloride aneasthetic). After that was done he tested the area to see if it was working yet, and told me to close my eyes. A few seconds later I thought that he had finished, because I could feel him tugging the area gently, but it wasn't quite done, so I was just in time to see the needle come out. Its a really strange feeling to see, a small needle sticking out of you, but absolutely no pain whatsoever. That was basically it, there was only a little bit more to it; putting a ring in, and telling me how to look after it, and clean it. Thats it I was pierced, and I felt great! Walking out of the shop knowing that I had a little ring through my navel, its something that you'd have to experience to appreciate, but its quite nice.

My nipple piercing

This took a little time to decide upon, but I really did like the look of them, and by this point I was quite tattooed, so it didn't seem to unusual, (A lot of tattooed people are also interested in piercing), The procedure was basically the same as for the navel, I was lying down, and a clamp was put on my nipple, (This is the worst bit as the clamps are designed to hold the flesh quite tightly, and have little teeth that dig into you). At this point I realised that the piercer was going to actually do it, so I said, "Aren't you going to freeze it?", after I was told "No", I came close to leaving, but then I thought that it was probably worth a little bit of pain, and it was.... Actually despite the lack of freezing this really didn't hurt. And now I was on my way to becoming a piercing addict...

My eyebrow piercing

This was a very low key affair, with no freezing and no pain, the only thing with this one was the fact that the eyebrow had to be shaved first! So I was walking around for a couple of weeks with half an eyebrow!

Piercing My Lip

The lip piercing was, err, inspired by an ex-girlfriend, who had hers done. I thought that this looked incredibly sexy, and was kind of nice to play with, (As an aside she had the centre of her bottom lip pierced, and had a little ring in it, she had to move it sideways to get lipstick on!), I had decided to do this myself as I was getting into the scene by this point, and had already done some peoples ears. So one night I was sat in my flat, thinking I could go and get it done the next day, when it occurred to me that it would cost me about 20 quid, and the piercer would not do anything different that I would do, (I knew that this would not be frozen), so I thought why don't I do this now? Five minutes later I had a labret in soaking in sterilising fluid, and a needle in my hand, (Pre- sterilised disposable piercing needle, about three inched long). I stood in front of a mirror, and just pushed it through myself. There was a little bit of resistance half way through where the skin changes to muscle, but I didn't hesitate, and just applied more pressure, until I felt a small 'pop' as the needle came right the way through. This was virtually painless. This is NOT something I woud recommend just anybody doing to themselves, it should only be carried out by a professional, or if you have knowledge of the relevent anatomy. After that there was a couple of moments running around looking for the labret, which I had left in the kitchen, so at 11pm-ish I was running around with a needle in my lip, shocking the hell out of my flat-mates, once I had found the labret it was just the work of a moment to put it in, then I was finished.

My Tongue

This is something that not many people have seen before, I can still remember the first time I met somebody who had it done, and my initial reaction was agghh! After I was quite intruiged, and decided I liked this girl. This is something that is very discreet, and yet can be shown in an instant, so it is ideal for most jobs, as people will rarely notice it unless they are expecting it. I got this one done professionally as I thought that there may be a bit of pain, but as it turned out it was over in seconds, and didn't hurt a bit. I was sat on a chair, and told to stick my tongue out while a small clamp was put on it, then a small amount of the freezing stuff was squirted on it, (This felt very cold, and quite strange), finally I was told to relax, and a needle was passed through the tongue, this is one of the quickest piercing experiences I have ever had, it was all over in less than thirty seconds, usually a piercing will take a bit longer that that, purely due to the hassle of trying to fasten a BCR, or CBR Of all of my piercings I thing this is the one that intruiges the most people, (Except possibly the next one), the initial reaction is shock, then we go into the famous and over used "Did it hurt?", a question I really hate being asked then there is the "But how do you eat?". This is where things start getting a little boring, my first question was "Is it fun to snog??", but then I'm weird, apparently....

My Prince Albert

This is the one thing that I thought that I would never ever get done, but it just seemed like a natural progression from the others, (especially the tongue which is quite a sexual piercing), this was done by a professional piercer in Edinburgh, and it was a very daunting thing to have done, I walked into the place, and saw a counter with a lot of people leaning on it, (Waiting for tattoos, or piercings, or something), and the lady behind it said "Can I help you?", I said that I was interested in a bit of piercing, and so she asked what area, I was a little embarrassed with all of the people present, and sort of whispered what it was that I wanted done, she smiled and said it would be a few minutes. Shortly afterwards I was sat in a chair, and told to get my cock out! Apparently she had tried other things to say but that was short, and to the, point, and helped loosen people up. There was a little bit of a chat as she told me what she was going to do, she also asked me if it would be possible for a trainee to watch, and I wasn't really that bothered so said yes. A few minutes later there was me, half naked lying on a chair, with a couple of women watching preparing for agony, and it was all over, before I had time to scream, a very painless operation. Then I was told to relax, sit down for a while, still on the chair. I got up, paid the lady, and climbed the stairs to the exit, with a big grin on my face, and my latest addition to my collection.

The Nasel Septum

This is something that is only a couple of weeks old, and already it is becoming one of my favourite piercings, purely because of the shock value I think. This was actually the only piercing that I think hurt, and that was after the area had been 'numbed', but it was worth a couple of minutes of pain, already I can barely remember what it felt like, but I did have one hell of a rush when it was over and I was walking home. Purely from the endorphins. This was basically done as all the other ones were, except that no clamps were used.

The Tragus

This is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time, and I just went for it on the spur of the moment, without really thinking about it at all... Anyway this was done with an ear piercing gun which made the placement of the piercing a little difficult, as I only have very small tragusses, (Tragii?), but it was a very quick piercing, I didn't even blink as it was done, because it was so painless. From what I know of anatomy there is not very many blood vessels in the area, or nerves, so it wasn't really suprising. Having said that a lot of people I know just look at it and wince - They have the perception that it must be a very painfull area. This has only been in for about a week now, but it seems to have settled down okay, even with me changing the stud to a ring after a day. This is not something I would recommend to others, its just I know that I do heal very quickly, and I happened to have a clean ring lying around that I knew would look a lot better that a piercing stud.

My Fingernail

This is something that I just did a little while ago, on the spur of the moment. I had quite long finger nails at the time, and I wondered what it would look like to have one pierced. I had seen people with it done before, but never for long enough to get a feel for it. Anyway, I spent a few hours applying coats of a nail strengthening nail varnish to the surface of the nail, and then when it was all dry I pierced it. I didn't have any problems with the nail splitting luckily, and then I put a tiny ring through the hole. On balance though it was a bit awkward having to think before putting my hand, (and finger) into pockets and suchlike, so I took it out, then trimmed the nail, nice for a few hours, but I think I'll not do it again. <g>

The future

I do not have any particular areas left that I wish to pierce/have pierced, so its seems like there won't be any more bits of metal through me in the near future, perhaps the odd new one in my ear, but nothing else, at present I have 11 piercings, and have no wish to get too extreme!