My Tattoos

This is a small section at the moment, which I'm hoping to expand over the next few months.

Currently I have seven tattoos, two big ones on each leg, a smaller one on each arm, two largish ones on my back along with a central one at the bottom of my spine.

My left arm has a nice tribal-esqe band, which goes almost all the way round.

I've finally gotten round to having some more pictures taken, of all my tattoos.

Before looking at all the images feel free to see these two sample images:

Arm band

Thumbnail of the armband

My arm band, this was done sometime in May 1999, took about 20 minutes, and goes almost all the way round.

Tattoos on my back

My back, the Tiger on the right was put there in 1992 and is called Eric, The wolf is from circa 1999 and is unnamed. Now I have a Smaug tattoo too, you can see that my complete Tattoo gallery.